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Early detection is key

At WA Skin and Vein Clinic, we believe in the importance of early detection in order to effectively treat skin cancer.

Skin Checks - Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer screening is a service that we provide at the WA Skin and Vein Clinic. Our qualified and highly experienced doctors will carry out a full body examination using computerised dermoscopy and imaging technology, checking all moles and skin lesions. It is a painless and non-invasive way to accurately diagnose skin cancer.

By utilising this latest digital technology during skin and mole examinations, we can detect the presence of skin cancer very early on. We retain pictures taken during the consultation for comparison at a later stage for any changes in appearance.  If suspicious lesions are identified,  biopsies are performed ensuring correct and timely intervention and improving the chances of successful outcomes.


Regular skin cancer screening is especially recommended for individuals with a history of skin cancer, those with high-risk factors, and those with a large number of moles or atypical moles.


Skin cancer screening is of utmost importance for several reasons:


Early Detection:

Regular skin cancer screening can help detect skin cancers at an early stage when they are most treatable. The earlier skin cancer is diagnosed, the higher the chances of successful treatment and cure. This is particularly true for melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer, where early detection significantly improves the prognosis.


Prevention and Risk Assessment:

Skin cancer screenings not only detect existing cancers but also help identify individuals at higher risk for developing skin cancer. By assessing risk factors such as family history, sun exposure habits, skin type, and previous skin abnormalities, healthcare professionals can provide personalized advice on prevention strategies. This may include recommendations for sun protection, lifestyle modifications, and regular self-examinations.


Education, Awareness and Peace of Mind:

Skin cancer screenings offer an opportunity to educate individuals about the importance of sun safety and early detection. Through discussions with healthcare providers, people can learn about the signs and symptoms of skin cancer, the significance of regular self-examinations, and the need for timely medical intervention. Increased awareness empowers individuals to take proactive steps in protecting their skin and seeking medical attention when needed offering peace of mind.


Additionally, skin checks also offer an opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions related to skincare, sun protection, and overall skin health with a healthcare professional. By prioritizing regular skin checks, individuals can take proactive measures to maintain healthy skin and prevent potential complications.

Can you tell what is cancerous?

Don't risk guessing.

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